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We've combined equipment from our most popular equipment hires into a small seletion of bargain bundles to save you time and money, without cutting the quality.

To book one of our bargin bundles for your event, Contact Us or fill in our Booking Form and we'll get in touch.

Lighting Bundles

Large Festival Lighting Bundle

Large Festival Bundle

Upgrade to our 16 moving head lighting rig that includes an operator for large events.

Small Festival Lighting Bundle

Small Festival Bundle

This festival lighting rig uses a full LED lighting rig and comes with an operator.

LED Lighting Bundle

LED Uplighting Bundle

Set the mood with elegant LED Uplighting to transform your venue into any colour theme.

Band Lighting Bundle

Band Lighting Bundle

A quick and easy lighting system to setup that will add a splash of colour for your next gig.

Sound Bundles

Band Sound Bundle

Mini Festival Sound Bundle

Improving the sound at your mini-festival can be more cost effective than you think.

Band Sound Bundle

Ultimate Band Sound Bundle

For music events with audiences of up to 300 people, giving your event crystal clear audio.

Band Sound Bundle

Band Sound Bundle

A complete PA system with sound desk, stands, monitors and a selection of mics.

Solo Sound Bundle

Solo Sound Bundle

A high quality PA system with everything you'll need for your solo gig.

Party Bundles

DIY Party Bundle

House Party Bundle

For small gatherings in restricted spaces, a single speaker and a couple of lights.

DIY Party Bundle

DIY Party Bundle

If you have the music, we can supply you with the sound system and the disco lights!

Ultimate Party Bundle

Ultimate DIY Party Bundle

A larger sound system and more lights, for parties attracting 150-300 guests.